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Upstate HomeCare is a provider of Infusion, Specialty Medications, Respiratory and DME services. All patients regardless of the service or product they are receiving have access to on-call personnel consisting of driver/technicians, nurses, respiratory therapist, pharmacists and administrators 24 hours a day, seven days a week in each of the company's locations and areas served. The goals of the company continue to be:

  • Provision of high-quality services and products,
  • Safe, appropriate and cost-effective care,
  • Positive patient outcomes,
  • Complete customer satisfaction

Upstate HomeCare has recently started its 28th year of business. It was founded in 1985 by two respiratory therapists who remain as not only owners but driving forces in the business. The owners wanted a place where employees felt safe from unscrupulous owners. They also wanted employees that viewed their job as a career; taking care of patients as if it was their own family in an effort to achieve their goals and mission.

Accreditation Commission for Health Care

Upstate serves the whole age spectrum from infants to adults in all of its lines of business. All clinical staff are licensed in their particular field and possess additional work experience, education, and/or certifications, which qualify them to practice in this highly specialized environment. The backbone of the company is its policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are developed from a variety of sources both internal and external such as standards set forth by the State Department of Health, ACHC, State Board of Pharmacy, National associations, etc.

Upstate serves a very diverse geographic area in both size and setting. Some areas are very remote and rural while others are very urban and densely populated. We adapt our services to the needs of our clients by viewing each patient as an individual with specific needs. We also evaluate a patient's suitability for home equipment/therapy services based in part on a patient's level of caregiver support, whether from family or private sources. Since our clinicians scope of care is limited to the provision of home infusion and/or respiratory care or the teaching of self-care skills they rarely perform duties that fall outside these areas.

All services are carried out in accordance with Federal, State and local laws and established regulatory guidelines as dictated by the New York State Board of Pharmacy, New York State Department of Health, New York State Nurse Practice Act, professional associations and established standards of care.

Lastly, Upstate HomeCare is committed to being a good member of its served community, encouraging its employees to participate in charity events and help those less fortunate. For example, Upstate is a proud support of the Ride for Missing Children, various Hospice charities, Meals on Wheels charities.

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